Nishiki Nabe Festival

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Nishiki Nabe Festival 錦市場の鍋まつり
Date: Sat 15th Nov
Time: 7 – 9:30pm

Location: Within the Nishiki-koji Market, between Gokomachi-dori and Sakaimachi-dori
Cost: Food tickets need to be purchased in advance in books of 10 tickets (100 yen each ticket) which are then converted into a points card to be used with the individual stalls

Stalls include all kinds of hot-pot (‘nabe’) meals, such as yuba, tomato, salmon (Ishikari), suppon etc. There are also other meals available such as yakitori, sanzai, etc, as well as beer and other drinks.

Further information call 075‐211‐3882 (Japanese)

Source: Kyoto Nishiki Blog

Poster for Nishiki Nabe Festival

Poster for Nishiki Nabe Festival