Whilst I intend to upload information about well-known Michelin-star restaurants in Kyoto, I also want to highlight the many restaurants that are considered to be iconic Kyoto “ryotei” (high grade traditional cuisine restaurant) about which there is scant information available in English.

Gion Sasaki 祇園ささき
This immensely popular, Michelin two-star kappo (counter) style restaurant is owned and overseen by innovative chef Hiroshi Sasaki, who is interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional Kyoryori whilst still honouring the seasonally inspired traditions. Read more…

Isechō 伊勢長
Established in 1715, Isechō is well known among Kyotoites as one of the principal keepers of the traditions of Kyoto cuisine. Read more…

Kikunoi 菊乃井
Under the innovative leadership of Yoshihiro Murata, this internationally recognised icon of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine is considered one of the great restaurants of the world. To learn more about the food culture and ideology of kaiseki cuisine at Kikunoi, you can read more at the Kikunoi website and for an indepth review see the Savoury Japan website.

Kinmata 近又
Kinmata is located close to the fresh market food arcade, Nishiki. The cuisine is focussed on seasonal ingredients, particularly specialty Kyoto vegetables, for which the chef and seventh generation owner Haroji Ukai has been designated as a Master. Read more…

Nakamura なかむら
The full title of this Michelin 2-star restaurant is “Isshisoden Kyonoaji Nakamura” which reflects the family lineage and inheritance of the Nakamura family. The restaurant is currently headed by the 6th generation chef Motokazu Nakamura, who strives to create a unique and precious Zen-like moment of encounter between the chef, the guest and the kaiseki dishes. Read more…

Uosaburō 魚三楼
Located in the Fushimi district, in sake-producing area of southern Kyoto, at an important historic location with a famous freshwater spring, Uosaburo has been operating as a ryotei, fine-dining establishment, since 1764. Read more…

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