Yubasen’s Cucumber with Yuba

Cucumbers are a very cooling summer food, which is perhaps another reason why they feature as a preventative of summer illness as seen in the last post about the Kyuri-fuji ritual. This recipe comes from Yubasen, a maker of yuba in Kyoto that also has three restaurants. You can read a review of one of the restaurants in English here.

2013.07.29 kyuri & yuba

1 cucumber
1 piece of hiki-age yuba [this literally means “pulling up” yuba and refers to the way that fresh yuba is made by lifting the skin off the top of heated soy milk (as opposed to dried packaged yuba). You can either make the fresh one yourself or you can use reconstituted dried yuba, but nothing tastes quite as delicious as fresh yuba!]
3 red shiso leaves
Small amount of ground sesame seeds
Seasoned vineger: vinegar 5 Tbs, water 2 Tbs, light shoyu 1 Tbs, dashi 1/2 tsp, sugar 2 tsp

1. Sprinkle salt on the cucumbers as well as your hands and the cutting board, then roll the cucumbers and lightly press the salt into the cucumbers with your hands – this method of removing the harshness from vegetables is called itazuri.
2. Put the cucumbers in boiling water for just a moment and then place immediately into iced water.
3. Finely slice the cooled cucumbers, then sprinkle them lightly with salt and knead them with your hands until the slices become soft and pliant – this technique is called shiomomi.
4. Finely shred the yuba and the shiso leaves.
5. Mix these ingredients with the seasoned vinegar.
6. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with the ground sesame seeds.

Source: Yubasen

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