Kombu-jime technique video

Here is a translation of this video, which is described here using hamachi (yellowtail/amberjack) but which can be applied to any kind of fish and in fact you could use it for root vegetables as well for a quick pickle.

Cut the fish into slices between 5 – 6 mm thick

Sprinkle with salt

Slice the daikon using the technique known as katsuramuki and then finely slice julienne

Place the sliced daikon in water to make it stay crisp. Drain.

Cut the wakame into bite-size pieces

Wipe the kombu with a damp cloth

Brush the kombu with sake

Place the fish one by one along the surface of the first piece of kombu

Place the second piece of kombu on top

To prevent exposure to the air, wrap the kombu sandwich tightly in plastic wrap

Place the wrapped kombu in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half

Mix a little shoyu with dashi

Arrange the sliced daikon, wakame, fish slices on a plate and add a little benitade (water pepper) and wasabi. Serve with the shoyu-dashi dip.

For an awesome video about slicing daikon watch this…

2 Comments on “Kombu-jime technique video”

  1. Sissi says:

    The daikon technique is extraordinary! I have no idea how many years one needs to be able to do this… I once tried only to peel daikon outer skin making round movements and it was not easy at all.
    Thank you for the kombu video translation. And such a detailed one!

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