Preparing sea bream for sashimi

Following on from Chef Satoshi Iida’s post about Koshotai (Crescent Sweetlips), here is an excellent video on preparing sea bream for sashimi. Note the use of different knives for the various functions of preparing the fish.

Here is the transcript of the video:
0:00 Higesoridai (a type of sea bream very similar to Koshotai) sashimi.
0:07 Higesoridai is a delicious white-fleshed fish.
0:12 Whilst delicious as sashimi, sea bream can also be enjoyed grilled, simmered and cooked in rice.
0:16 After preparing the fish for sashimi, the leftover portions of the fish can be prepared as shimofuri (explained under Techniques) to be cooked in other ways later.
0:23 Using an urokotori (fish scaler), remove the scales. The spines are very sharp so be careful not to hurt yourself.
0:30 First, remove the gills and the guts.
1:28 Because this kind of fish is flat and the skin is firm, it is quite easy to fillet.
1:45 Cut along the backbone of the fish.
1:56 Cut around the abdominal cavity.
3:15 You now have three pieces.
3:22 Remove the flesh that surrounded the abdominal cavity
3:35 Remove the small bones near the spine.
3:53 Now we’ll remove the skin – it is quite slippery, so use a paper towel to hold onto the skin.
4:15 Now we’ll cut the sashimi and arrange it on the serving dish.
4:20 Prepare julienne strips of carrot, daikon, kaiware sprouts (radish sprouts), myoga, momiji-oroshi (see Glossary for explanations of these ingredients)
4:30 Chill the serving dish by putting ice on it.
4:45 Slice through the thickness of the flesh making fine slanted cuts.
4:55 Pull the knife towards you as you slice.
5:06 Draw your elbow back as you slice.
6:06 When you’ve sliced all the sashimi, garnish the dish with shiso leaves
6:11 Here is the finished arrangement. Serve the sashimi with a soy sauce ponzu (a citrus-flavoured thin sauce)
6:15 Place the other condiments on the top. These flavours work well in bringing out the delicious taste of the fish and give an elegant finish to the dish.
6:20 Notice the momiji-oroshi has been made into a little ball with the stem of a cherry tomato added on the top.

Source: Kinniku

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